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Millen Obtains $667,000 Funding for Visitors Center at SOC Station Brownfield Site
US DOT has awarded $667,000 in grant funds to the City of Millen for construction of a Visitors Center at the former SOC Station, located across the street from the County courthouse....
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EPA Announces its 2012 Brownfield Grant Winners
EPA has announced the winners of the 2012 Brownfield Assessment and Cleanup Grants, which total more than $69 MM nationwide. Hart & Hickman was successfu in bringing $400,000 to the City of Hickory in this round of grants....
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Hart & Hickman helps win $400,000 Brownfield Grant for City of Hickory
The City of Hickory was successful in being awarded two Brownfield Assessment Grants for the 2012 grant proposal season. Hart & Hickman served the City on their first grant and helped in drafting the recent grant proposal to EPA....
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SOC Station Cleanup Completed !
The cleanup effort at the SOC Station, an long-time eyesore property facing the Cunty Court House, was completed in Fall 2011....
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City of Charlotte Awarded $400,000 EPA Brownfields Assessment Grant
The City of Charlotte was recently awarded a $400,000 EPA Brownfields assessment grant to assess potential Brownfield sites for hazardous or petroleum substances....
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City of Millen Awarded Cleanup Funding for Historic Aycock Corner (Former SOC Station)
The City of Millen was awarded $200,000 for the environmental cleanup of Historic Aycock Corner (Former SOC Station). Previous site environmental investigations indicate that petroleum and lead-impacted soils need to be remediated....
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Southeast Brownsfield
This site is provided as a portal to Brownfield Properties in the Southeast US and other helpful resources.  Use the map to learn more about Brownfield successes and available Brownfield properties in your area.
Successful Brownfield redevelopment requires much more than just conducting assessments. Hart & Hickman understands the perspectives of lenders, owners, developers, and community stakeholders. Applying these perspectives, we can navigate your project through the Brownfield regulatory process in a way that results in the greatest value for you.

And for our EPA grantees, we can help you obtain additional grants to continue your Brownfield program years into the future.

We have more than $60,000,000 in re mediated and redeveloped Brownfield properties under our belt. So look to the experts at Hart & Hickman to see how we can help your private and government-funded Brownfield projects succeed.

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City of Millen Georgia Awarded $667,000 for Construction of Visitors Center at SOC Station Brownfield Site
Through the diligent efforts of the City of Millen and Ms. Linda Grijalva at CSRA Regional Commission, $667,000 in grant funding has been secured from US DOT for construction of a Visitors Center at the former SOC Station Brownfield Site.

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